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About Us

Our vision is a platform where every connection made is a step towards a thriving retail ecosystem.


Our Mission

Our mission at Get-A-Retailer is to revolutionize the retail landscape. Through seamless collaboration, innovative solutions, and a commitment to sustainability, we strive to create a dynamic ecosystem where brands thrive and retailers flourish. Our purpose is clear: to be the catalyst for success in every transaction, crafting a narrative of resilience, innovation, and mutual growth.

We exist to be the driving force behind brands, propelling them into the limelight of the retail arena. For retailers, we offer a curated stage, featuring a stellar lineup of quality products that elevate their offerings. Our mission isn’t just about transactions; it’s a commitment to revolutionize the collaboration between brands and retailers, making it a seamless and mutually rewarding experience. We’re architects of innovation, reshaping the retail landscape with every connection made on our platform.

Our Journey

Get-a-Retailer’s story is rooted in the shared vision, of Sharath and Varun to bridge the gap between Brands and Retailers. Sharath, a seasoned professional in FMCG field sales saw the struggle on both the ends – brands looking for a go-to platform to launch their products and retailers hunting for top-notch products. 

Sharath and Varun’s tale is one of resilience, ingenuity, and a commitment to rewriting the narrative of brand-retailer partnerships. Together, Sharath and Varun, envisioned a whole new retail ecosystem – a platform that is a growth engine, a connector, and a solution to retail challenges.  

At Get-a-Retailer, our mission is simple – to make partnerships easy, efficient, and rewarding. Get-a-Retailer facilitates a direct and seamless collaboration between brands and retailers.  While Brands get a direct line to our extensive retailer network, retailers get a curated selection of quality products. It’s a win-win!

Why Get-A-Retailer

Brands, tired of distribution complexities, turn to us. We’re the shortcut to market success, ensuring products land in the right hands. Retailers, join us for a diverse product range that elevates your offerings and keeps customers coming back.

Effortless Product Integration

Launching your product has never been easier. Our platform ensures a seamless integration process, allowing brands to navigate the market with minimal friction and maximum impact.“

Real-time Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management is at the core of our platform. Brands and retailers can seamlessly track and manage inventory in real-time, minimizing the risk of stockouts and ensuring a continuous supply chain.

Diverse Retailer Network

For retailers, access a diverse range of high-quality products through Get-A-Retailer. Our platform offers a carefully curated selection, ensuring your shelves are stocked with products that resonate with your customers.

User-friendly Interface

Get-A-Retailer boasts a user-friendly interface designed for ease of use. Whether you’re a brand representative or a retailer managing your inventory, our intuitive platform ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Flexibility in Product Placement

Get-A-Retailer recognizes that each product has its unique journey. Our platform offers flexible options for product placement, allowing brands to choose the strategy that aligns best with their goals and market dynamics.

Meet Our Team

Our strength lies in the diverse and passionate individuals who form the backbone of our team.

Each member brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and a shared commitment to revolutionize the retail experience. Get to know the faces driving innovation and success.

Our Vision

Our vision is a platform where every connection made is a step towards a thriving retail ecosystem.

Empowered Partnerships

We aim to foster partnerships that go beyond transactions, creating a symbiotic relationship that fuels success.

Global Impact

We envision our platform as a catalyst for international collaborations, connecting brands and retailers across borders, cultures, and markets.

Sustainable Future

Get-A-Retailer is committed to a vision where sustainability is not just a practice but a core value. We aim to contribute to a sustainable future by promoting eco-conscious choices within the retail industry.

Innovation Hub

Our vision includes Get-A-Retailer being an innovation hub at the intersection of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology. We see our platform evolving continuously to meet the dynamic needs of the retail landscape.

Our sales have increased to 5x after partnering with Get-A-Retailer, directly to the point - they analyzed our products, shared the list of retailers suitable for us, they placed the products and increased our sales.

SanthoshWELLNESSON, Founder

My fathers runs a retail business and I understood this concept and approached them. We partnered with them and placed their products with 2 benefits for us. First benefit is 10x more margin than regular products, Second benefit enhanced experience to our end customers- similar to branded super markets with their tech solution. I definitely endorse this innovative business of them.

AbhinayTungabadra Entreprises

Our store was just an ordinary store before my association with Get-A-Retailer, they efficiently elevated my store value which inturn increased our customer base and loyalty with their products and their technology.. Definitely great company thanks a lot

AnushaVarni Organics