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Embrace a collaborative experience designed to empower, amplify, and propel your brand to new heights.

Our Services

Embrace a collaborative experience designed to empower, amplify, and propel your brand to new heights.

Effortless Product Placement

Easily place your products in the market without the hassles of traditional distribution. Our platform streamlines the process, ensuring your products reach the right retailers efficiently.

Strategic Launch Support

Launching a new product? Leverage Get-A-Retailer’s strategic support to make a splash in the market. We help you connect with retailers eager to showcase and promote your latest offerings.

Targeted Retailer Network

Benefit from our extensive network of retailers actively seeking innovative products. We connect you with retailers whose customer base aligns with your brand, ensuring maximum impact.

How it Works


Onboarding with Get-A-Retailer

Initiate your journey by onboarding with Get-A-Retailer. Our user-friendly platform ensures a swift and hassle-free registration process. Once onboarded, you gain exclusive access to our network of retailers.

Expert Go-to-Market Strategy

Get-A-Retailer’s seasoned experts step in to analyze your products thoroughly. Leveraging their market acumen, they craft a tailored go-to-market strategy for your brand. This strategic blueprint empowers your products to make a lasting impact in the retail landscape.

Sharing Products with Get-A-Retailer

With your strategy in place, seamlessly share your products with Get-A-Retailer. Utilize our intuitive platform to showcase your offerings, ensuring a smooth and efficient sharing process. Your products are now ready to captivate a broader audience.

Placement in Partner Network - Offline Retail Stores

Get-A-Retailer takes center stage by strategically placing your products within our extensive partner network of offline retail stores. This step ensures widespread market access and heightened visibility for your brand. Your products find a home in thriving retail environments, reaching customers where they shop.

Inventory and Sales Management

Sit back and relax as Get-A-Retailer takes charge of inventory and sales management. Our platform provides real-time insights, allowing you to effortlessly track product performance, monitor inventory levels, and make informed decisions. This hands-off approach enables you to focus on what you do best—innovating and growing your brand.

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Benefits for Brands


Seamlessly connect with a vast network of retailers through Get-A-Retailer. Enjoy direct access to the market without the traditional challenges of distribution. Place your products with ease, ensuring quick and efficient entry into the hands of eager consumers.

Enhanced Exposure

Our platform provides a unique opportunity for your brand to be showcased directly to retailers actively seeking innovative products. Stand out in a competitive market and amplify your brand’s visibility.

Cost-effective Market Entry

Minimize the costs associated with traditional market entry strategies. Get-A-Retailer offers a cost-effective solution, allowing brands to reach their target audience without the overheads of extensive distribution networks.

Collaborative Brand-Retailer Relationships

Build strong connections within our network, allowing for open communication, feedback, and mutual support, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and productive partnership.

Data-driven Decision Making

Get-A-Retailer provides valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and product performance. Utilize this data to refine your marketing strategies and optimize your product offerings.

Effortless Go-to Market

Experience a seamless market entry with Get-A-Retailer. Our platform offers a refined and straightforward approach, simplifying the complexities of market strategy for your brand. We provide a user-friendly interface and valuable insights, allowing you to navigate the market landscape effortlessly.

Our sales have increased to 5x after partnering with Get-A-Retailer, directly to the point - they analyzed our products, shared the list of retailers suitable for us, they placed the products and increased our sales.

SanthoshWELLNESSON, Founder

My fathers runs a retail business and I understood this concept and approached them. We partnered with them and placed their products with 2 benefits for us. First benefit is 10x more margin than regular products, Second benefit enhanced experience to our end customers- similar to branded super markets with their tech solution. I definitely endorse this innovative business of them.

AbhinayTungabadra Entreprises

Our store was just an ordinary store before my association with Get-A-Retailer, they efficiently elevated my store value which inturn increased our customer base and loyalty with their products and their technology.. Definitely great company thanks a lot

AnushaVarni Organics